Pure products from the land of Chalkidiki guaranteed by the long history in the production of extra virgin olive oil.

HEKATON Limited Edition, 500ml

 We maintain the authentic flavour of tradition and fortify it with the finest effect of modern technology. As a result, we bring you… […]

ΗΕΚΑΤΟΝ CLASSIC, 500ml, 200 ml

Thanks to the traditional quality olive oil production, HEKATON extra virgin olive oil is produced from olive trees cultivated in Fourka, Chalkidiki. […]

Hekaton 100, Olive Groves, 500 ml

 Absolute balance from every aspect, the multi-variety extra virgin olive oil you are about to taste is moderately fruity, slightly bitter and mildly spicy. […]

  • We implement an Integrated Production Management System in our olive groves
  • We collaborate with scientific experts
  • We mainly cultivate the finest variety “Chondroelia” of Chalkidik
  • A food safety management system has been established in our oil production plant which is in conformity with HACCP and ELOT EN ISO 22000:2005 Standard