Who we are

Hekaton Hellenic Healthy Products is a new company that was established in 2013 as a result of the collaboration between two families, Nakos and Kocheila. The two families have been engaging in the oil production industry for generations producing fine quality oil.The successful historical background in the production of top quality olive oil has motivated the two families to unite the flavour, experience and their passion for olive oil and introduce a more dynamic model of olive grove cultivation, production and standardisation.This union has now given birth to a fine product, Hekaton: the olive oil bearing the same name, featuring a unique character and a proud origin that epitomises the vision of generations with respect to olive tree cultivation.

Our vision

Our vision is to promote the extra virgin olive oil of Chalkidiki and familiarise the Greek and worldwide consumers with the local variety of “Chondroelia” of Chalkidiki, a variety that deservedly embodies the Mediterranean flavour. At the same time, at the heart of our philosophy continues to lie the respect for our ancestors’ heritage who passionately worked to grow the olive groves and succeeded in sustaining their families by means of olive oil production. Today, these oil groves are managed by us, the new generation, and we continue to cultivate them with love and through modern techniques and know-how. We, thus, add our own mark and turn our ancestors’ efforts into a flavour that borders art.


In HEKATON we produce fine quality olive oil that honours its place of origin. Its rich flavour and its high nutrient value are based on the special care characterising the production procedure from beginning to end. The fruitful land of Fourka and Chanioti, Chalkidiki, covered with our own olive groves, is one of the core elements that grant HEKATON its flavour. For the purpose of achieving the top quality that we constantly offer, we implement an Integrated Production Management System in our olive groves. At the same time, we collaborate with scientific experts that continuously see to the optimisation of our olive groves.