The representatives of the Northern Greece Chefs Association have returned particularly satisfied with their participation in the Worldchefs Congress held in Stavanger, Norway between 2 and 5 July 2014.

The Northern Greece Chefs Association was part of the national mission of the Hellenic Chefs Association. It supported the promotional actions of the 2016 event, since that World Congress of paramount importance is to be held in Athens following a successful bid by the Association.

The Worldchefs Congress Athens 2016 featured a kiosk for welcoming the participants and promoting Greece and its products to the renowned chefs of the world.

Artion Conference & Events was in charge of the overall participation and presence of Greece and supported the bid of Greece and is to see to the organisation of the event.
Tourism leaflets and local products of Chalkidiki were distributed to nearly all participants from 90 countries who have already confirmed their participation in the event to take place in Greece.

TIF HELEXPO and the Chalkidiki Tourism Organisation greatly exhibited their spirit of cooperation.

The world chefs were particularly interested in the Greek olive oil. Both the insights into and the acknowledgement of the quality of the Greek olive oil made a huge impression and the chefs wish that it becomes more broadly available in their respective countries. The oil tasting showed all industry professionals’ and especially, the Asian representatives’ vast interest, since they were offered the opportunity to consider olive oil not an exotic product, but instead, a tool for a more effective, more delicious and higher quality creation of culinary dishes that fit their personality and temperament. In fact, they took such a great interest in the olive oil that they made proposals on potential collaborations with respect to the Chalkidiki products and particularly, the olive oil, which now emerges as a leading product for the promotion of the Greek culinary culture.

Our Association Members’ efforts to exhibit and promote our culinary culture received the most positive reviews and comments to the extent that there is a lively interest in participating in the forthcoming congress to take place in Greece, given that the ability of the Northern Greece Chefs Association Members to organise successful activities of international prestige and prominence is now well known to the world culinary professionals.

The Northern Greece Chefs Association Members would hereby like to thank the Chalkidiki Tourism Organisation and TIF HELEXPO for their aid and support in those initiatives.

Thank You

Thank You Letter

Dear Ms Kocheila,

we would hereby like to warmly thank you for our impeccable cooperation during the 36th Worldchefs Congress, WACS 2014 held in Stavanger, Norway between 2 and 5 July 2014 and also congratulate you on your contribution to the global gastronomy through the Northern Greece Chefs and Pastry Chefs Association.

We look forward to a future collaboration of equal or even higher calibre.


Northern Greece Chefs and Pastry Chefs Association